The benefits of ironing your bedding.

Ironing bedding may seem like an extra chore that you might rather skip, but did you know that it actually has a number of benefits? Here are some reasons why ironing your bedding may be worth the extra effort. Ironing Your Bedding Kills Germs! First and foremost, ironing your bedding kills germs. While washing your […]

Hate Ironing? So Do We!

Ironing can often feel like a chore that never ends. It’s time-consuming, tedious and requires a lot of effort to achieve a neat, polished look. But with the Boardmann Ironing Board, you can say goodbye to all these problems and experience the best ironing experience possible. Boardmann is the widest and most efficient ironing board […]

Choosing the Best Ironing Board to buy?

All of our Boardmann ironing boards are designed to save you time ironing. If you are struggling to decide which ironing board to buy, we can help. Choosing the right ironing board can make a big difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of your ironing routine. With so many options on the market, it can […]

Boardmann XL Ironing Board – Buy Online

We have launched our new ironing board, the Boardmann XL, we have taken our best selling ironing board and added a steam iron rest, and larger hanging area. The board follows the same extra wide ironing board shape as the Boardmann and gives extra space for ironing bedding, shirts, trousers and other clothes. Buy the […]

Why do we never put our clothes away?!

One of our most dreaded chores of the week is the laundry. We spend hours washing, drying and ironing. So why, after we’ve perfected our work shirts, school uniforms and outfits for the weeks does it then take so long to put the clothes away?! We’ve all got a basket in the corner of the […]

Do you iron your bedding?

It’s the question argued by many but do you iron your bedding? We iron our clothes daily but do we iron our bedding? A study taken out by YouGov Realtime shows that three in ten Britons (30%) say they iron their pillow cases, 23% say they press their duvet covers and 20% smooth out their […]

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You can now buy our revolutionary ironing board on as well as being able to buy direct from our website What are you waiting for? Order your Boardmann ironing board today!

An Updated From Boardmann HQ

We are pleased to announce our official launch in the UK, many thanks to all the customers who pre-ordered, we hope you are enjoying your boards! Keep the photos and social comments coming 🙂 For the rest of you, the wait is over and our fantastic ironing boards are now available for immediate delivery in […]