Iron like a pro

Boardmann simplifies and speeds up ironing shirts and t-shirts for great results, every time.

Specifically designed

The first ironing board specifically designed to speed up ironing shirts, t-shirts and jackets. Proud to be developed and designed in Manchester, UK

Simple but clever design

The simple but thoughtful design saves time whilst the ergonomics of the Boardmann ironing board have been carefully considered for speed and convenience

Faster than your old board

A wider design means you iron more fabric in one pass, our unique shape fits shirts and t-shirts so you don't have to shuffle them about, whilst the mesh back and double layer of felt gets creases out fast. All of these unique features save you time ironing.

Works well, looks great

Say goodbye to drab and dull ironing boards, Boardmann not only works well but it looks great too.

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I need this in my life!

Facebook User

The special shape for ironing shirts and the wide top mean that I don’t need to keep re-positioning shirts. I’m blasting through my ironing in no time!

Robert SLong term tester

I’ve been ironing my own shirts for years, it’s always been a drag. Traditional ironing boards just aren’t cut out for ironing shirts and t-shirts, the design has been the same since day dot. Boardmann is my mission to speed up and simplify ironing shirts.

Simon GBoardmann Founder

I can’t believe what a revelation the Boardmann is. Sturdy, solid, modern and I love the handy feature; remaining locked in the closed positions, well vented mesh deck, and the rail to hang items on are really appreciated.

Robert SLong term tester

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Faster Is It?

Most men take between 3-15 minutes to iron a shirt using a traditional ironing board. Boardmann users found they iron a shirt between 2-4 minutes.

Is It Just For Shirts?

No, Boardmann is designed to speed up and simplify ironing shirts and t-shirts, but its extra-wide format layout makes it ideal for:

Suits, trousers, dresses, kilts, shorts, socks, underpants, bow ties, bedding, or any other item you might wish to iron quickly.

Where can I buy one?

Great news, you can pre-order one today through our website! We’re offering some great discounts at the moment so snap one up whilst you can. Pre-Order Today.

How can I find out more?

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