Boardmann - The Large Ironing Board, Designed To Save You Time


Changing The Shape Of Ironing

The ironing board, it’s been about the same shape since the dawn of time. Have you ever noticed that ironing boards don’t seem to fit any of the actual clothes you iron? And ironing bedding can be a nightmare!

Boardmann is the ironing board designed to make life simpler. It is shaped to fit the things we iron the most, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers, and it is wider than a regular ironing board. No more shuffling clothes around!

The Boardmann extra wide ironing board design means you can iron more fabric in each pass, saving you time and effort!

Boardmann has a high quality cotton cover, double layer of foam and a mesh back to help get the creases out faster.

Ironing simplified!


Meet Simon...

” I hate ironing. I used to spend an hour or more on a Sunday evening ironing shirts for the week. That got me thinking about how I could improve on the design of the ironing board to make ironing easier”

“I started looking on the internet to see if I could buy an ironing board that was shaped for ironing shirts but couldn’t find anything. So three years ago, I spent a weekend building a prototype of my design out of wood. It was pretty rudimental, but it worked really well. I used it for a few weeks and tweaked the shape to make improvements. I soon found I was ironing my shirts and t-shirts in half the time and it worked well for other clothes too!“

How It Works

Boardmann is shaped to fit the items we iron the most and our Ironing Board is wider than a regular ironing board so you iron more fabric in each pass.

We designed our ironing board with a non slip cotton cover to ensure garments don’t slip when you’re ironing them.

Our Ironing board has a mesh back to allow steam through your clothes.

Boardmann is a height adjustable ironing board so you can use it sitting or standing.

A centre lock mechanism keeps the ironing board legs secure when not in use

The Boardmann ironing board cover has double layer of high quality foam helping to get creases out faster.

Boardmann can speed up ironing shirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers, towels, and bedding!

Save time, iron faster with Boardmann. Change the way you iron…for good!