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Boardmann Large Ironing Board

The ORIGINAL Extra Wide Board
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Brand: Boardmann

Buy the ORIGINAL Extra Wide Boardmann Ironing Board

Get your own Boardmann, the extra wide board designed to speed up ironing. Specifically designed to be easy to use, we even include free UK delivery!

The Boardmann Ironing Board is the extra wide board designed to speed up ironing. With it's unique shape, specifically designed to simplify and speed up ironing. The Original Boardmann ironing board gives you 121x51cm of ironing space, one of the widest boards on the market. The unique shape is designed to speed up ironing and make the process easier and it has lots of handy features to save time and simply ironing.

Features :

Save time - Speeds up ironing shirts, trousers, bedding and other items with it's unique shape.

Extra Wide - One of the widest boards on the market with a 51x121cm ironing surface

Beat the creases - Double layer of foam, stretches the fabric to remove creases faster

Non-slip cover - cotton heat resistant cover with non slip prevents items sliding off as you iron.

Compact design - Leaves enough space for a steam generator iron and a shirt or trousers on the ironing surface.

Keep your clothes crisp - Hanging rail for ironed clothes

No wobbling - Non slip feet

Iron sitting or standing - height adjustable 76-91CM

Easy to move - Integral leg locking mechanism keeps the legs locked in place when moving and storing

Sturdy - Steel Construction with mesh top

Designed in the UK

Peace of mind - Three Year Manufacturers Warranty


Brand - Boardmann

Material - Steel Alloy

Type - Ironing Board without steam iron rest

Weight - 5.7kg

Storage Dimensions - 132x51x7cm (Folded)

Height Adjustment Range - 76-91cm

Ironing Surface Dimensions - 51x121cm

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The best development in ironing since the iron went electric.
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Why did this brilliantly simple design breakthrough take so long? Why didn't I think of it? Two questions I constantly asked myself as I effortlessly steamed through the school uniforms on Sunday night. Pleated skirts held in place by all that space and my work shirts, each side pressed flat in just one hit. No endless fiddling around and dropping garments off the end. This quality board is a keeper. I just wish I had thought of it first
Fantastic Ironing Board - so much easier with a larger surface!
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I am very pleased indeed with my new XL ironing board. I've now used it a few times and it is absolutely great! When my ancient Shirtmaster (now defunct) board finally collapsed, I was so pleased to find something with similar dimensions as it makes ironing so much easier. It seems durable and well-constructed so I'm looking forward to using it (and I hate ironing!)
Please don't laugh but I had this…
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Please don't laugh but I had this ironing board as a birthday present from my husband. I love ironing and really wanted a bigger board. The board is a great size but I wish it was a few inches taller. Great price and service, came before delivery date and very well packeged.
Game Changer
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This ironing board has been a game-changer for me! The extra-large size is perfect for my needs, the shape makes ironing my shirts a breeze! I'm glad I purchased this ironing board and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Superb Design! Why aren't all ironing boards like this?
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Brillant product, i'm genuinely impressed with how much time i'm saving. I have a holiday cottage and iron a lot of sheets and duvet covers. The large board makes the job so much easier.
Very pleased
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The ironing board is sturdy but lightweight, so easy to collapse and store upright. As a left hander and with limited space I was a little concerned but it’s absolutely perfect. Not only great for shirts but duvet covers and sheets too. I no longer spend hours at the ironing board. Would highly recommend.
Time saver
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I'm just emailing to let you know how pleased I am with my new board. I've managed to cut down my ironing time by about 30 minutes on the weekend, ironing school uniforms for my three kids. The board is fantastic and I can't recommend it enough to my friends.

Designed to Iron Twice As Fast

The ironing board, it’s been about the same shape since the dawn of time.

Have you ever noticed that ironing boards don’t seem to fit any of the
actual clothes you iron? Boardmann is the ironing board designed to make life simpler. 

It is shaped to fit the things we iron the most, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers. No more shuffling clothes around!

Boardmann is one of the largest, widest ironing boards on the market, you can iron more fabric in each pass saving time ironing.

Extra Wide Ironing Board

A wider ironing board design helps you iron more fabric in one pass, this reduces shuffling around and saves you time whilst ironing.

Simple To Use

Great results are guaranteed after every iron, leaving your clothes crisp and refreshed.

Iron Twice as Fast

Our extra wide ironing board is shaped to speed up ironing, shirts, bedding and trousers. Cut your ironing time in half.

How Boardmann Works

Boardmann is shaped to fit the items we iron the most
It is wider than a regular ironing board so you iron more fabric in each pass
It has a non slip cotton cover
It has a mesh back to allow steam through your clothes
Height adjustable so you can use it sitting or standing
Centre lock keeps the legs secure when not In use
The double layer of high quality foam helps to get creases out faster
Boardmann can speed up iroining shirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers, towels, and bedding!
Save time, iron faster with Boardmann

Boardmann is the ironing board designed to make life simpler. It is shaped to fit the things we iron the most, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers. No more shuffling clothes around!
Wider than a regular ironing board you can iron more fabric in each pass, saving you time and effort!

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