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Where To Buy The Best Ironing Board On The Market

Features Of The Boardmann XL Wide Ironing Board

The Best Ironing Board On The Market

There is a saying which goes something along the lines of “a poor workman blames his tools.” While there is undoubtedly an element of truth to that, it is also fair to say that you can typically achieve better results in a quicker time using the right tools for the job. And when it comes to ironing, the ultimate tool, when paired with a high-quality iron, is an extra wide ironing board, specifically the Boardmann.

The Boardmann has quickly become one of the most popular ironing boards on the marketplace today. Many people view it as an indispensable tool within the home; many people swear by them and will never go back to using a traditional ironing board ever again.

What Is It About The Boardmann Which Inspires So Much Passion About An Ironing Board

It’s fair to say that ironing boards are not a piece of equipment that inspire high levels of passion or enthusiasm, but for the many people who have experienced the benefits of a Boardmann, they simply cannot stop talking about them or indeed recommending them. So let’s look at the various reasons why a Boardmann inspires such passion and enthusiasm.

It Cuts Your Ironing Time in Half – Nobody, or at least very few people, jump out of bed in the morning excited at the prospect of demolishing a large pile of ironing. Ironing is a slow, boring, and, in some cases, back-breaking activity, but one that has to be done regularly. So imagine a piece of equipment that could slash your ironing time by up to 50 per cent. Well, that’s precisely what the Boardmann extra wide ironing board delivers every time. The extra surface area of the board partnered with the specially designed contoured shape of the board, makes ironing a much faster proposition.

Double Layer of Foam – The double layer of foam makes your iron glide over material so much more efficiently, ensuring that the creases just drop out.

Mesh Back: The mesh back of the ironing board works in conjunction with the double layer of foam to help the steam penetrate your clothes, further increasing the ease with which creases simply disappear. The entire process is so efficient some people actually find it therapeutic.

Three-Year Guarantee: Every aspect of the Boardmann has been designed with quality and efficiency in mind. Only the best materials have been chosen, and part of the design process was based on the sustainability and longevity of our products. To this extent, such is the confidence that we have in our ironing board, we are only too happy to offer a 3-year no-quibble guarantee.

A Strong Stable Frame: Although it is rare that you are ever ironing something that is excessively heavy, you also want to know that when you are pressing those razor-sharp creases into your suit trousers, the ironing board is not likely to collapse at the most inopportune of moments. Once again, this is an area where we believe our quality shines through and where you will once again appreciate the quality of our product.

Steam Iron Rest: Perhaps the ultimate iron to partner your new ironing board with is one of the extra powerful steam irons that are becoming ever more popular. Although these irons deliver excellent results, one of the negative aspects of them is their extra large footprint. Realizing that an ordinary ironing board may not provide sufficient space to place the iron on it whilst, in use, Boardmann added a large steam iron rest to the end of the ironing board. This ensures that none of the main ironing boards’ surface areas is wasted and provides a safe and stable location upon which to place your iron. This is another perfect example of the attention to detail that has been put into every aspect of our business.

So Where Do I Purchase One of These Superior Quality Ironing Boards?

Now that you have been introduced to the many benefits of a Boardmann iron, it is highly likely and indeed understandable that you may wish to purchase one of them. When it comes to our brand, we are very particular about the stores which we allow to sell our product because we do accept and view the Boardmann extra wide ironing board to be a little bit more of a specialist purchase. However, with all of that taken into consideration, we also want to make this revolutionary ironing board available to as many people as possible, so in addition to selling it directly, we also sell it in certain stores.

The Boardmann Website: The preferred and most popular option for our customers is to buy directly from our website here. In addition to the ironing board, you can purchase additional or replacement ironing board covers. Purchasing from our website comes with other benefits, including free shipping and free returns within 30 days, not that you are likely to require this option!

The Range: The Range is a very popular store that sells a broad range of products and is a brand that we are pleased to partner with. The Range is probably the best place in many towns to purchase a Boardmann if you want to physically go to a shop and purchase.

Costco Direct: If you are a member of Costco, then this is another excellent option whilst picking up 100 toilet rolls or other essential products for your home.

Wayfair: Another leading provider of homeware and other specialist products that we are proud to be associated with is Wayfair. Renowned for their excellent customer service and high-quality products, you can also order your Boardmann extra wide ironing board here if you prefer.

Amazon: The final place where you can buy a Boardmann is the ever-popular Amazon. The main advantage of buying from Amazon would include free next-day delivery for Prime members and competitive pricing.

We are very proud of the Boardmann extra wide ironing board and feel that it is genuinely a transformational product within the ironing industry. Why not give one of the boards a try today?

We don’t think you will ever want to use another ironing board!!!

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