The Large Ironing Board, designed to save you time

Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
more fabric in each pass saving you time and effort!

Take Your Ironing To The Next Level

Take Your Ironing To The Next Level With The Specially Designed Wide Ironing Board From Boardmann

Ironing is never likely to be voted as the number one chore in households across the length and breadth of Britain, and yet it is a job that has to be undertaken every week without fail. If you were to add up all the hours you spend ironing in your life, the total time could well shock or depress you in equal measure. At Boardmann, it is fair to say that our team of engineers are obsessed with ironing, which is why we have spent so much time researching and refining our product lineup and eventually came up with the Boardmann Large Ironing Board.

We believe, and this is backed up by many of our delighted customers, that we have developed the best ironing board in the world. In fact, we are so confident in our product that we don’t think you will ever settle for any other brand of ironing board once you have tried ours.

Although this may seem like a bold claim, we encourage you to put us to the test. Imagine an ironing board that halves the amount of time it takes for you to do your ironing. An ironing board designed to give outstanding results, a sturdy product made from the highest quality materials on the market, and that is essentially what the Boardmann Large Ironing Board is.

Why is an Extra-Wide Ironing Board Better?

The most important aspect of any ironing board is the surface area, as essentially, this is your work surface, so the bigger the area, the easier it is to complete your ironing quickly and efficiently. The more of the garment you can lay flat and iron in one sweep, the better, and this is exactly the premise of the Boardmann Large Ironing Board. The only thing that you need to take into consideration if you decide that a wide ironing board is for you is where you will store it. Although we tried to make our board as slimline as possible, the fact that it is extra wide means that it will not and cannot fit into the same tiny space where your current ironing board resides, so this is something you need to put some thought into.

With the Boardmann Large Ironing Board, you will be able to iron your shirts in a matter of seconds, thanks in part to the carefully designed shape of the ironing board. Not only is the board extra wide, but it also has a unique shape at one end, which was designed with ironing shirts in mind. (I did tell you we were slightly obsessed with ironing!)

What Are The Other Reasons To Invest In A Boardmann Large Ironing Board?

Of course, it is fair to say that the extra wide size and special shape are the main reasons why people buy our products, but our engineering team developed a range of other benefits that our customers truly appreciate. Let’s examine each one of those individually.

Three Year Guarantee

Whilst it is fair to say that the Boardmann Large Ironing Board is not the cheapest ironing board on the market, we believe that you get what you pay for. In fact, we are so confident in the quality and longevity of this product that we offer a free, no-quibble three-year guarantee. We have talked to customers who have had to replace their ironing board every year, with all the hassle that this entails. With one of our boards, this will not be an issue, saving you time and hassle, and we believe money in the long run.

A Double Layer of Foam

Our design team have never lost sight of the fact that the main function of an ironing board is to deliver pin-sharp suits and crease-free shirts and blouses. This is why we insist on building our ironing boards with a double layer of foam, which not only provides the perfect surface upon which to iron but in addition helps to stretch your clothing, ensuring an even better outcome, time after time.

A Mesh Back

While the double layer of foam resolves one issue, another problem that can cause a challenge is when the steam from your steam iron becomes trapped, and there is nowhere for it to escape to. This is why our ironing boards have a mesh back, which not only allows the steam to penetrate your clothing, it actively encourages it. As the steam passes through the mesh, you can virtually see the creases drop out of your clothes in front of your eyes.

A Non-Slip Cover

Another integral part of our boards is the non-slip cover, which we add. Nothing is quite as frustrating as setting your newly clean shirt or blouse on the ironing board, only for it to fall off and land on the floor. This is much less likely to happen with our non-slip cover, removing another source of frustration that our customers tell us about.

Hang Rail Steam Iron Rest

It is all very well designing and developing a wide ironing board, but a failure to provide a designated space to place your iron while working could easily negate much of the advantage the board brings. Once again, our engineers and designers foresaw this problem, which is why we installed a Hang Rail Steam Iron Rest at the end of the board. This provides you with the perfect place to put your iron down between clothes, and consequently, it does not use up any valuable ironing real estate.

Hopefully, you can see that our team have thought of every possible eventuality when using an ironing board and why our customers love their one so much. We don’t expect an ironing board to be the type of product that many people get excited about, but the fact that it could slash your ironing time by at least 50 per cent, we think should make it a worthy investment. If you are looking for the ultimate ironing board that will last you for many years and help you reclaim many hours of your future life, then purchase one of our wide ironing boards at¬†or in leading retailers such as The Range, Costco, Wayfair and Amazon.