The Large Ironing Board, designed to save you time

Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
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Reduce Your Ironing Time

Reduce Your Ironing Time

Our Seven Top Tips To Reduce Your Ironing Time, Making The Process More Productive and Enjoyable At The Same Time

Ironing is my favourite task of the week, said nobody EVER!!. However, like it or not, ironing is not something you can avoid, so as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join them!!. The team at Boardmann have compiled a list of our seven favourite ideas to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to complete your ironing, and things you can do whilst ironing that make use of that valuable time.

Reduce Your Ironing Time

The first and most important challenge we need to tackle is the length of time it takes to iron, and the good news is that it is possible to reduce your ironing time significantly. The secret is to invest in the right equipment, namely an advanced, specially designed extra-wide ironing board, such as the Boardmann Large or Extra Large, and a powerful, long-lasting iron, such as the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron. The Boardmann Ironing board was designed to deliver the best possible ironing results in the shortest possible time due to how wide it is.

The extra width ensures that ironing shirts and blouses is quicker and easier, and as these two items normally make up a significant proportion of the average wash basket, the time saved quickly mounts up. When paired up with a powerful yet efficient iron, the Boardmann wide ironing board delivers spectacular results time after time.

You Can Become More Productive – Try Listening To Some Inspirational or Educational Podcasts While You Iron

If we imagine that the average person who does the ironing in a household spends three hours per week ironing, then that equates to around 6.5 days of ironing every year. Rather than just focusing mindlessly on the task at hand, subscribe to some motivational or educational podcasts to listen to at the same time. This will make the time pass quicker and carefully selecting the right podcasts that suit your interests will not only mean that you improve your knowledge, but you might even find that you actively look forward to your ironing time, as it can quickly turn into your private escape from everyday life!

Set Aside A Time Every Week To Get The Ironing Done

A trap that many people fall into is the temptation to put off the ironing for another day. We all lead busy lives and while this might be very appealing at the time, before you know it the washing pile will seem almost insurmountable and your family will be desperately searching for that one shirt or pair of trousers they need for a specific purpose, only to find it still in the ironing pile. By setting a timetable and rigidly sticking to it, ironing will cease becoming a chore and soon become a habit.

Think Carefully About What Does and Does Not Need Ironing

We live in the 21st century, and contrary to what our mothers may have told us, not every item in the wash pile needs to be ironed. Towels, underwear, and dishcloths are excellent examples of items that do not need to be ironed. Psychologically removing large fluffy towels from that pile of ironing can make it go down quickly, ensuring that you feel like you are gathering some momentum.

Set Yourself A Time Limit and Stick To It

While it is important to schedule any ironing you need to do, it is just as critical to set a time limit on how long you plan to iron (unless, of course, you get sucked into one of the podcasts we mentioned earlier!) By setting a strict time limit, you will be more incentivized to focus on completing the ironing within that specified time rather than being tempted to stop occasionally for a cup of tea or to check social media.

Reward Yourself Once The Ironing Is Complete

Whether it is eating a bar of your favourite chocolate, a nice cup of tea, watching an episode on Netflix, or reading a book, always reward yourself once your ironing is done. Very quickly, your brain will associate a reward with the task of ironing, and before long, you will almost want to do the ironing so that you can enjoy the reward.

Invite A Friend Round To Do Their Ironing With You

Another out-of-the-box idea is to invite one of your friends to come around and do their ironing with you at the same time. While we can never claim that this will make you more productive, it is highly likely to make the process much more enjoyable and, once again, something you both look forward to. Time flies when you are having fun, so if you have a good friend that lives nearby, why not try it?

Final thoughts…

Sitting down to write this article, I don’t think anyone could make the concept of ironing sound fun and exciting, but with a little creative thinking and some investment in the right equipment, ironing need not be something you dread to think about every week. Why not try to implement some of these suggestions and see how you get on? Oh, and if you come across any interesting podcasts as a result of this article, please get in touch, as everyone at Boardmann is always searching for new and interesting podcasts to listen to!!!