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Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
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Why A Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board Could Be The Most Innovative Christmas Gift Ever

Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board

Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board

It is fair to say then when you are searching for a unique gift for your partner for Christmas that an ironing board would rarely if ever feature in the options available to you. Some people might even feel that presenting your partner with an ironing board as their Christmas gift could be grounds for divorce. While we would in no way advocate that our extra wide ironing board should be their main present, because of the design and thought that went into this particular product it could actually be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the years. So if you have an excellent relationship or a partner who will listen to your thought process, and you are looking for something for the person who has everything then let us explain why our Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board could be the ultimate gift and talking point of Christmas.

What Is The Point of Giving A Gift At Christmas?

Take five minutes to sit down and think about the concept of giving gifts at Christmas. Remove any religious connotations for a second and think about what you buy your partner and the reasons behind those gifts. Perhaps you have bought them a spa day in the past or a Formula 1 Experience day, a romantic holiday away, or the ever-popular perfume, aftershave or socks. While these ideas are no doubt appreciated, they are also pretty obvious and to a certain extent they have a limited shelf life. The smellies will run out, the socks will get holes in them, and once the trips are over that gift is essentially finished. The one thing you can’t buy is time, time to do more things as a family, time to make more memories and a way to reduce the amount of time you spend doing endless household chores. And yet with a Boardmann extra wide ironing board, that is exactly what you will be giving your beloved. Let’s explain those claims because it is quite possible that you are sitting there scratching your head wondering how anyone can give the gift of time.

Well according to a recent survey by Ideal Homes the average person spends 61 minutes per week ironing clothes. That 61 minutes a week equates to 106 days of your life, which when you think about it is way too much of your precious time. At Boardmann, we wanted to tackle this problem head-on; this was one of the primary design considerations when we were developing our newest ironing board, and the good news is that our research and real-life experience shows that using our extra wide ironing board cuts the amount of ironing time required by 50 per cent. So if your partner spends 61 minutes or more every week doing the ironing you are essentially gifting them an extra 30 minutes per week, or two hours per month by buying them this ironing board. With those two hours, you could go out together as a couple or as a family and do something much more exciting.

What Are The Other Benefits That A Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board Provides?

Whilst clearly the slashing of ironing time is the main benefit we didn’t rest on our laurels and stop there. A Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board delivers many other benefits. Let’s look at those now.

A Unique Board Design Specifically Created For Shirts and Blouses

For the vast majority of people shirts and blouses are likely to be the items they spend the most time ironing. Anyone who has ever spent any time ironing knows that the shape of moat ironing boards is not conducive to ironing shirts easily. A shirt or a blouse does not sit properly on the board and requires significant shuffling around to ensure that every part of the shirt is ironed to perfection. The team at Boardmann recognised this which is why we set out to fix the problem. The result- a unique shape designed purely with ironing shirts and blouses in mind. In our opinion, the ironing board should be your assistant rather than cause more problems which we feel is what a traditional ironing board design does.

A Strong and Stable Frame

Another key cost cutting measure that many less expensive ironing board manufacturers employ is to use inexpensive materials in the frame. Whilst this results in an initially cheaper purchase in our opinion there are two main issues with this strategy. Firstly the length of time your ironing board will last will be greatly diminished, in essence this is a false economy because any initial savings you make will be lost by the number of times you have to replace your ironing board. However, perhaps the more serious concern is the safety of using such a flimsy device. Remember people place a scalding hot iron on the ironing board when they are changing the item that needs to be ironed, and if the board is not stable there is a potential risk of the board getting knocked over which could cause a serious injury. Not only is our extra wide ironing board built using high-quality materials, we also add a special hang rail steam iron rest to maximise ironing space, and safety.

Admittedly an ironing board is never going to be the romantic present, and some might say that even putting an ironing board and Christmas present together is a complete non-starter, but the counterargument is that it is the thought that counts. If you can save your partner half the time it takes to do the ironing every week, freeing up additional time to do fun things together with the added benefit of a safe and solid ironing board, then it could very well be a shrewd if somewhat unusual gift.

The question is do you have the guts to buy your partner an ironing board for Christmas?