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The Key Components To Look For If You Are Looking To Purchase The Best Ironing Board

When it comes to buying a new house or a new car, people will spend hours conducting their due diligence, but when it comes to purchasing an ironing board, many people will buy one as they walk around the supermarket with little to no thought. And yet, your ironing board is one of the most used pieces of equipment in your home, and choosing the right ironing board can save you hours and hours of time. The fact that you are reading this article indicates that you are serious about buying the best ironing board, you can find, and this article aims to help you make that decision.

The Important Features Every Ironing Board Should Have

Boardmann is a company that focuses all of its energy on one thing: making the best ironing board on the market. That was the ethos and passion behind the company’s formation, and the determination and drive to continually improve our products has only increased. We assessed every aspect of ironing boards and determined that eight critical aspects needed to be taken into consideration. Let’s examine those in greater detail and explain our philosophy when it comes to making the best ironing board on the market.

An Extra Wide Board

In our opinion, the first and most crucial aspect of any ironing board is the surface area available for the ironing process. The bigger the area, the more efficient your ironing will be, and based on our research, the amount of time it takes to complete this chore is typically halved. This is one of the key reasons why our board is so popular, and it is, at the time of writing, the widest board available on the market today.

A Uniquely Shaped Board Specially Designed For Shirts

The vast majority of people’s ironing involves shirts or blouses, yet the design of a traditional ironing board is not based on ironing these types of clothes. The Boardmaan Extra Wide board features a unique design that perfectly fits shirts and blouses. No more shuffling shirts around to deliver the ultimate iron; as it should be, your ironing board is almost like an additional pair of hands to make the shirt ironing process so much more efficient and simple, not to mention quicker.

Three Year Guarantee

Because of the quality of the materials we use and our faith in the design and manufacturing process, we are pleased and indeed proud to offer a no-quibble three year guarantee. Although the guarantee is for three years, we are confident that if you treat your new ironing board properly, it will likely last you for many years, effectively saving you money compared to purchasing a cheaper, more flimsy ironing board every year.

A Mesh Back

In addition to the advances in ironing board technology, technology in irons has also improved, with the sheer volume of steam produced increasing exponentially. What many people fail to realize is that although there is a significant advantage to producing more steam, for the real benefits to be realized, it is essential that the moisture can pass smoothly through the clothes and then away, rather than the alternative where the steam becomes trapped between the board and the clothes. That is why the best ironing board you can buy, the Boardmann Extra Wide, features a mesh back, which then encourages the flow of steam through your clothes and away from your clothes, helping to deliver the best ironing experience.

A Strong and Stable Frame

Another essential and often overlooked aspect of ironing board design is the strength and stability of the frame. Irons can be heavy, get extremely hot, and pose a significant risk hazard to both the user and, of course, any young children in and around the vicinity. That is why, in our opinion, it is non-negotiable that the foundation upon which the ironing board is built will stand up to the test of time and will stand rock solid while you complete your ironing. As the best ironing board you can buy, you can be completely confident in both the strength and stability of your Boardmann Extra Wide Board.

A Non-Slip Cover

The cover on your ironing board is another critical component, mainly because you want the shirt, blouse or other piece of clothing to stay where you left it. With our high-quality non-slip cover, you can answer the phone or grab yourself a drink during ironing safe in the knowledge that your newly cleaned shirt will not end up in a pile on the floor.

A Double Layer of Foam

If you have ever tried to iron on a hard surface such as a kitchen side or a floor, you will have discovered that although it is likely that the job will be done, it is more challenging than you might imagine. At Boardmann, we use a double layer of foam on our ironing boards, which helps to stretch your clothes, making the creases fall out easier. It is this attention to detail that all adds up to the perfect ironing board.

Hang Rail Steam Iron Rest

As we mentioned at the start of the article, space on an ironing board is at a premium, which is why we made the decision to install a Hang Rail Steam Iron Rest at the end of our board. This means that even if you have one of the large steam irons you can place it on the stand without reducing the amount of space you have to do your ironing. Once you have got used to this extra space, you will never want to be without it.

At Boardmann, we have tried to think of every way possible to provide our customers with the best ironing board money can buy. Virtually all of our customers are now customers for life; once you have tried a Boardmann, nothing else will suffice.

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