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The Ultimate Time Saving Guide To Ironing – Our Top Tips And Tricks You Need To Know!

The Ultimate Time Saving Guide To Ironing

Ironing Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it, ironing can be a downright chore – one that’s not only tedious but also eats up a considerable chunk of your valuable time. But fear not, with a few quick and easy tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can transform your ironing routine from a time-consuming hassle to a quick and efficient task. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of our top tips that are guaranteed to save you time when it comes to ironing:

Sort Your Clothes Beforehand

The first step to saving time ironing is to sort your clothes beforehand. Separate them into different piles based on their fabric type, color, and how much ironing they need. This will help you to avoid wasting time trying to figure out what clothes need to be ironed and which ones don’t.

Iron in Batches

Ironing in batches can save you a lot of time. Rather than ironing one item at a time, group similar items together and iron them all at once. For example, iron all your shirts together, then move on to pants, skirts, and dresses. This will help you to get into a rhythm and make the process more efficient.

Turn down or skip the tumble dryer!

Ironing when clothes are slightly damp, helps get the creases out much easier. If you use a tumble drier, often they can over-dry cotton items which makes them extremely hard to iron. Consider turning down the heat on your tumble dryer or skipping it all together, you’ll not only save time but save money on electricity too! Ironing cotton items when slightly damp can really help you to speed through the ironing.

Invest In a Good Quality Ironing Board

An ironing board with a wide surface and features designed to make ironing easier can cut your ironing time significantly. Look for a wide surface, good quality foam top and a mesh back to let steam through the surface. Boardmann ironing boards are shaped to fit the profile of shirts and t-shirts and the extra width can really help speed through ironing items like bedding and pillowcases.

Invest in a Good Quality Iron

A good quality iron is worth the investment when it comes to saving time ironing. Look for an iron that has a high wattage and a steam function. These features will help you to iron clothes faster and more efficiently, as the steam will help to smooth out wrinkles and creases.

Use a Pressing Cloth

Using a pressing cloth is a great way to save time when ironing delicate fabrics. A pressing cloth is a piece of fabric that is placed over the garment before ironing, this could be as simple as a damp cotton tea-towel. It helps to protect the fabric from the heat of the iron and prevents scorching or burning. This means that you can iron delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon and dark fabrics without having to worry about damaging them.

Hang Clothes Properly

Hanging your clothes properly after ironing can also save you time in the long run. Hang shirts and blouses on hangers immediately after ironing to prevent wrinkles from forming. Hang pants and skirts by the waistband to keep them wrinkle-free. This will help you to avoid having to re-iron clothes that have become wrinkled from being stored improperly. All Boardmann ironing boards come with a hang rail exactly for this reason.

In conclusion, ironing doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and tedious task. By following these top tips, you can save time and make ironing more efficient. Remember to sort your clothes beforehand, use an ironing board, invest in a good quality iron, iron in batches, use a pressing cloth, and hang clothes properly. With these tips, you’ll be able to tackle the ironing pile in no time.

At Boardmann, we are obsessive when it comes to designing and developing the best ironing board on the market to save time ironing. We have spent countless hours conducting research and tweaking our designs, and we have developed an ironing board that our customers love, because it can slash your ironing time in half.