The benefits of ironing your bedding

Ironing bedding may seem like an extra chore that you might rather skip, but did you know that it actually has a number of benefits? Here are some reasons why ironing your bedding may be worth the extra effort. Ironing Your Bedding Kills Germs! First and foremost, ironing your bedding kills germs. While washing your […]

Why do we never put our clothes away?!

One of our most dreaded chores of the week is the laundry. We spend hours washing, drying and ironing. So why, after we’ve perfected our work shirts, school uniforms and outfits for the weeks does it then take so long to put the clothes away?! We’ve all got a basket in the corner of the […]

Do you iron your bedding?

It’s the question argued by many but do you iron your bedding? We iron our clothes daily but do we iron our bedding? A study taken out by YouGov Realtime shows that three in ten Britons (30%) say they iron their pillow cases, 23% say they press their duvet covers and 20% smooth out their […]