The Large Ironing Board, designed to save you time

Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
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Why Investing in a High-Quality XL Large Ironing Board is Worth It

XL Large Ironing Board

Extra Large Large Ironing Board

An ironing board is one of the most frequently used tools in every household across the United Kingdom, and yet it is probably one of the tools that people put the least amount of research into before purchasing. After all, one ironing board is just the same as the next one right? That’s why they are sold in supermarkets, so you can just pick one up with your weekly grocery shop. The problem in our opinion is that this concept and thought process is totally flawed.

The reason why certain ironing boards are sold in supermarkets is that typically in most cases those ironing boards are not of a high quality and will most likely not last for a long period of time. The purpose of this article is to explain why it is worth spending that little bit extra on a quality XL Large ironing board, which is used properly and looked after will repay your investment for years to come.

Long-term Benefits

The most obvious long-term benefit of investing in a quality XL Ironing Board from Boardmann is the fact that it will give you many years of service. Such is our faith in the quality of our product that comes with a three-year guarantee as standard. We are confident that because we only use the highest quality materials that you will probably get many more years of use, which will ultimately save you time and money. Imagine not having to go iron board shopping for five or even ten years, that possibility alone is worth the investment in our opinion.

Another huge benefit of buying an XL Large Ironing Board is the time it will save you. Admittedly it is difficult to put a time on how long everyone spends ironing but if you have an XL Large Ironing board or research and statistics show that your ironing time will be slashed in half. When using a Boardmann XL Large Ironing Board. Essentially this is due to two specific reasons – the width of the ironing board, meaning that you can iron a much larger percentage of your shirt without having to constantly rearrange it. Secondly, with the specific and unique shape of the ironing board, shirts and blouses naturally sit on the ironing board without falling off or bunching up. Although these two things might sound relatively minor on paper in reality they make a huge difference and are probably the two most commented and praised benefits that our customers compliment us on.

Comparison With Standard Ironing Boards

When the design team at Boardmann sat down to create the XL Ironing Board they left no stone unturned in their determination to build the best ironing board on the market. Every aspect of other ironing boards was examined and thought and analysis was put into how the traditional ironing board could be improved. Let’s examine some of the improvements the design team came up with and implemented other than the extra wide ironing surface and the unique shirt and blouse fighting end of the ironing board.

Strong Stable Frame

The strong and stable frame is directly related to the quality of the materials we use in the manufacture of the ironing board, but it is much more than just having a sturdy frame. Strange as it may seem most of us never really think about the fact that you are placing a scalding hot iron on your ironing board and if or indeed should that ironing board collapse or fall over it could have devastating consequences. It is virtually impossible to put a financial value on the importance of a strong and stable board, but in our opinion, that is one of the biggest benefits our ironing boards deliver. You can use your XL Ironing Board safe in the knowledge that it will remain stable and not tip over or collapse easily, ensuring that both you and your family are safe from the risk of a toppling iron.

A Double Layer of Foam

Attention to detail is what can make the difference between a good product and an outstanding product. Although having a double layer of foam incorporated into the ironing board might seem relatively minor it can and does make a huge difference. The double layer of foam stretches whatever items you are ironing, forcing any creases to drop out quicker and easier and further reducing the ironing time involved.

A Mesh Back

Everyone knows that a steam iron is the perfect piece of equipment to help those creases drop out. Most people think that the volume of steam produced by your iron is directly proportional to the speed and quality of your ironing process. However, this is not necessarily the case because although a lot of steam is undoubtedly beneficial it is important that the steam can actually pass through the clothes rather than becoming trapped. By using a mesh back on our XL Ironing board the steam is encouraged to pass through your clothing removing the creases in the process.

User Testimonials

Hopefully, this article will have made you realise just how much time, money and effort a Boardmann XL Ironing Board could save you, but why just take our word for it? Let’s look at some of the testimonials we have from our delighted customers.

HPaddy gave the ironing board five stars and said

“Why did this brilliantly simple design breakthrough take so long? Why didn’t I think of it? Two questions I constantly asked myself as I effortlessly steamed through the school uniforms on Sunday night. Pleated skirts held in place by all that space and my work shirts, each side pressed flat in just one hit. No endless fiddling around and dropping garments off the end. This quality board is a keeper. I just wish I had thought of it first”

Paula said

“Please don’t laugh but I had this ironing board as a birthday present from my husband. I love ironing and wanted a bigger board. The board is a great size but I wish it was a few inches taller. Great price and service, came before delivery date and very well packaged.”

And finally, Stephen said

“This ironing board has been a game-changer for me! The extra-large size is perfect for my needs, the shape makes ironing my shirts a breeze! I’m glad I purchased this ironing board and would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Hopefully, this article has made you realise just how beneficial a Boardmann XL Ironing Board could be. If it has and you want to invest in one, because that is exactly what it will be then visit our store today and be prepared to start saving time, and dare we say it, enjoying ironing!!