The Large Ironing Board, designed to save you time

Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
more fabric in each pass saving you time and effort!

5 Must-Have Features in Your Next Large Ironing Board

Large Ironing Board

The Large Ironing Board, Designed To Save You Time

Ironing is quite possibly the weekly chore that everyone up and down the country dreads. Standing there on a Sunday afternoon faced with a seemingly never-ending pile of washing is not most people’s idea of fun, but unfortunately, it’s not a task that can be avoided.

As with most things in life though investing in the right equipment can make a huge difference and whilst most people focus on the iron, one of the best-kept secrets is investing in a high-quality ironing board, with the market leader being the Boardmann XL.

Many people will be asking what makes the ironing board so important. And if indeed your choice of ironing board can make such a difference, then what features should I look for, particularly when ordering online? This article will explain the key features you should look for when purchasing a new ironing board, all of which are included with the Boardmann XL.

Adjustable Height

When it comes to ironing and perhaps even more importantly maintaining a healthy back, the height of the board is critical. Your board needs to be capable of rising to a comfortable height for you to iron whilst at the same time being able to be set up much lower for those of us who are vertically challenged. The Boardmann XL is completely flexible with any user no matter their height being able to find the perfect setting for their unique needs and requirements. Once you have experienced the complete flexibility that this design offers no other ironing board will ever compare.

Iron Rest

When it comes to choosing the best ironing board, one of the most important components as will be discussed later in the article is a large ironing surface. This tends to become pointless if the ironing board does not come with a spacious spot to place your iron on when you are aligning the next item of clothing to be ironed. If there is no specific iron rest, or the one that is provided is insufficient for the size of your iron, then the extra space that you should gain from an extra wide ironing board is lost. That is why at Boardmann, we considered this and added a significant iron rest to our Boardmann XL ironing board.

Board Size and Surface

The entire concept of the Boardmann XL was to maximize the ironing area of the ironing board, which in turn would deliver a better and more importantly quicker ironing process. This is because you can iron a much larger amount of clothing at a time, without having to stop and reposition the items. In addition, the Boardmann XL has a unique shape which was designed to ensure the process of ironing shirts is even more efficient. This shape is almost like another pair of hands as it lets you put the shirt on the ironing board in such a way that it doesn’t move and spreads the shirt out perfectly. It is this attention to detail and our unique design that converts people to never want to use any other ironing board again.

Another minor but essential aspect of the Boardmann XL ironing board is the surface that we use in its manufacture. People have become accustomed to buying irons which produce the most amount of steam, in the belief that the steam will banish creases in your clothing quickly and easily. While there is certainly an element of truth to this, the reality is that it is the steam passing through the clothing that helps dissipate the creases. If your ironing board of choice has a solid surface, then the steam has no way to escape and if anything becomes trapped between the board and the clothes, causing the clothing to become damp and in some cases more creased than when you started. At Boardmann we have considered that which is why our board surface is made from mesh which helps to draw the steam through your clothes removing the creases quickly and with minimal effort.

However, you cannot iron directly on a mesh surface as your clothes will quickly replicate the pattern of the mesh, which would not be a good look! The solution to this issue is of course a high-quality ironing board cover. The Boardmann XL cover is extra padded providing a soft surface which will stretch your clothes ever so slightly which again helps with the ironing process.

Durability and Stability

Whilst there are many features that you should look for when purchasing a large ironing board, many of which we have mentioned in this article, you should never overlook the quality of the materials used in an ironing board. A good quality ironing board should last for many years if looked after properly. At Boardmann we are so confident in the quality of the materials that we use that we offer a three-year guarantee for additional peace of mind. As well as durability, the other critical issue when it comes to an ironing board and directly related to the quality of materials used is the stability of the board. You are likely placing a heavy, extremely hot and relatively heavy iron on your ironing board, so you want to be confident in the stability of the board. Once again the Boardmann XL has been designed with safety and stability in mind, meaning that you can iron with confidence safe in the knowledge that the board will not collapse or tip over.

We would be the first to admit that the Boardmann XL is not the cheapest ironing board on the market, at least in terms of upfront cost. However, we are confident that you get what you pay for and that over time you will save time and money with an investment in a Boardmann XL ironing board.

You can purchase one of our boards from numerous stores and online, although the easiest option is to purchase directly from our online store. We look forward to welcoming you to the Boardmann family and maybe even changing your opinion of ironing forever.