The Large Ironing Board, designed to save you time

Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
more fabric in each pass saving you time and effort!

Purchasing a Boardmann Ironing Board Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over!

Features Of The Boardmann XL Wide Ironing Board

The Large Ironing Board, Designed To Save You Time

There are certain products in your home, mainly electrical that people research and spend days if not weeks researching, whether that is the latest television, Bluetooth speaker or washing machine. However, when it comes to a more mundane purchase such as an ironing board, many people are guilty of buying the first one that they see at the end of the supermarket aisle. Whilst there is no argument that this is convenient, the reality is that investing a little extra in a high-quality ironing board can not only make ironing a lot easier and dare we say more pleasurable, it can also slash your ironing time in half.

One of the biggest arguments for investing in a high-quality XL ironing board is the amount of time it will save you but as this article will explain there are numerous other benefits which is the reason why the Boardmann XL ironing board is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for households up and down the land.

Time is Money

Let’s be real, nobody enjoys doing the ironing, it is without doubt one of the most dreaded jobs in every household, and yet it is one of those chores that cannot be avoided or put off, after all, you can’t go to work with a crumpled and creased shirt or blouse. If only there were a way to reduce the amount of time you have to iron, whilst still getting the same or better results. Many people think that the solution to the issue lies with investing in a top-of-the-range iron, with maximum steam power but the reality is completely different, the secret is having an XL extra wide ironing board. Let’s explain why!!

Width is Everything

The secret to cutting down on your ironing time is to have an extra wide ironing board. The reason why this makes such a difference is due to the fact that you can iron so much more of a shirt or blouse without the need to continually move it to expose new areas of the shirt that need ironing. This means that more time is spent ironing and less time is wasted. Let’s conservatively assume that for a 1-hour ironing session, you save 20 minutes, the real estimation is 30 but let’s err on the side of caution if you can save 20 minutes every week and iron for roughly one hour per week, that saves nearly 18 hours per year. In other words, almost a day of ironing which when you think about it is phenomenal and an excellent return on investment for the few extra pounds that a Boardmann XL Extra wide ironing board costs.

High-Quality Materials

Another key factor when buying a more upmarket ironing board is that the materials used in its manufacture will be of a significantly higher quality. This will ultimately repay itself time after time because firstly the board will be sturdier and able to deal with the regular and repeated use it is exposed to without any sign of deterioration. But ultimately it also means that the lifespan of the board should be significantly longer. Although a cheaper ironing board may seem like a bargain, if you have to replace it every 6 to 12 months the costs quickly rack up, not to mention the inconvenience of having to replace it regularly and the hassle of taking the old ironing board to the dump and bringing a new one home in your car. With a Boardmann XL, because of the high quality of the materials used Boardmann are happy to provide a 3-year warranty as standard, which further demonstrates the benefit of spending that little bit more to get a quality product.

A Steam Iron Rest

Another benefit of investing in a Boardmann XL Extra Wide ironing board is that the design team has thought about the ironing process. To this end, they have built in a sturdy steam iron rest that provides sufficient space for even the largest of steam irons without impacting the surface area you need for ironing. Other ironing boards may provide a flimsy iron rest, but typically this is at the expense of the length of the ironing board which of course then makes the board less efficient than it should be.

Mesh Back

Another common misunderstanding about ironing is that the power of the steam iron is directly proportional to the quality of the ironing. In other words the more powerful the iron the better the result. Whilst there may be some element of truth to this argument, the real secret to ironing is allowing the steam to pass through your clothes, rather than become trapped between the iron and the board. That is why Boardmann’s design team made a mesh back an integral part of the Boardmann XL Extra Wide Ironing Board. This attention to detail ensures that you always get the best possible results with your ironing time after time.

Double Layer of Foam

Whilst the mesh back mentioned above is essential to ensure the best ironing result, if you were to iron directly on the mesh it wouldn’t produce a smooth finish for your clothing as the pattern of the mesh would be replicated in your shirts. That is why the Boardmann XL Extra Wide ironing board comes complete with a double layer of foam ensuring a soft surface that enhances the ironing process. The foam is thick enough to provide the perfect ironing surface, but porous enough to let the steam pass through.

The evolution of the ironing board has come a long way and Boardmann has developed a lot of design processes to ensure that you not only save time but also end up with pristine-looking clothes every day of the week. Virtually all of their customers swear by their Boardmann XL and many of them are on their second or even third board. They regularly recommend the product to their friends and family, which goes to show the value it provides.

Whilst there is no arguing that the Boardmann is a more expensive product than some of the competition, the value it provides far exceeds that small premium. If you are interested in purchasing a Boardmann, and enjoying the many benefits, then you can purchase your new board here.

Boardmann XL ironing board