The Large Ironing Board, designed to save you time

Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
more fabric in each pass saving you time and effort!

Large Ironing Board

Make Your Ironing Easier

Imagine An Ironing Board That Could Slash The Time It Takes To Complete Your Weekly Ironing Chores

Let’s be honest, ironing must be one of the most detested chores, but one that is unavoidable. The weekly pile of ironing continues to build throughout the week, and then for most people, a significant portion of their Sunday involves working their way through the ironing in preparation for the week ahead. Boardmann was founded out of the mission to re-design the ironing board to save time ironing. After several years of development, we think we have perfected the design of the ironing board, to save time ironing.

Although many little tweaks and design choices were implemented in this product, the two key defining factors are the shape and the size of the product. Let’s look a little closer at our board and explain the theories that we implemented. The concepts in our design make ironing your clothes twice as fast as using a traditional board.

Why Is a Large Ironing Board Better?

When designing the best ironing board, our research indicated that the wider the surface area, the better. This is because you can iron more of the shirt, dress or trousers with every stroke of your iron. Everyone knows that ironing shirts can be slow and frustrating process, and bedding is even more of a challenge. But with the Boardmann, these challenges melt away, ensuring an efficient process that is both satisfying and a time-saving experience. We have also designed our ironing boards to specifically fit shirts and T-shirts. This makes ironing shirts and T-shirts much more efficient. It is almost like the board is another pair of hands holding the shirt in place and preventing bunching up, leaving you to focus on making your shirt as smooth as anything and implementing the perfect crease – no more tramlines!!

What Size is An Extra Large Ironing Board?

We have two ironing boards in our range the original Boardmann, which measures 137 x 51 x 8 cm when folded and the Boardmann XL, which is 162 x 51 x 8 cm folded.

Our standard Boardmann was explicitly designed to allow our customers to iron a shirt or a pair of trousers while still being big enough to position a regular steam iron on the board itself. Alternatively, if you tend to iron a large quantity of bedding or prefer a separate rest for your iron, then the Boardmaan XL might prove to be the better choice. The actual ironing space of both boards is identical, but because the XL has a separate iron steam rest, you have more available space for the ironing.

Is a Bigger Ironing Board Better

As you might expect, we firmly believe that the bigger or at least, the wider an ironing board is, the more efficient it makes your ironing. A wider ironing board means that you spend more time ironing and less time repositioning your items. This is the main reason why our ironing boards save you so much time and hassle.

Are Expensive Ironing Boards Worth It?

Ironing boards are a household item that is often overlooked and yet gets regular and extensive use. Buying a cheaper ironing board could actually be a false economy because you are more than likely to have to replace a cheaper ironing board more often. In contrast, a Boardmann will provide you with many years of service. We are so confident in the quality of our ironing boards that they all come with a three-year warranty (Excluding the Cover). All our boards are height adjustable, ensuring that you can set up the board to your height of choice, and our boards are made with the highest quality materials.

What Little Features Have You Added To Your Ironing Boards To Differentiate Them From The Competition?

As mentioned above, all of our ironing boards feature variable height adjustment, are sturdy, which means they are less likely to topple over if they are accidentally knocked by an energetic child running past. They also feature a comprehensive locking mechanism, meaning that whatever one of the different heights you choose, you can be confident that the board will remain rock steady whilst in use. One of our more unique features that we have implemented a hanging rack in our ironing board design so that you have somewhere to hang your pristine shirts and trousers other than the nearest door handle or curtain rail.

Our products all feature a double layer of foam, which in turn helps to encourage creases to disappear quickly, in fact, many people compare it to a memory foam mattress for your clothes. In partnership with this double layer of foam, the ironing surface features a mesh back, which helps and encourages the steam from your iron to pass through your clothing, which is another reason why you will experience exceptional results while using a Boardmann ironing board.

Although our key focus in the development process was on creating a large ironing board, they have been designed in such a way that you can easily reach from one end of the board to the other without having to take a step. This type of obsession and attention to detail has enabled us to develop and create what we believe to be the best ironing board that money can buy.

Without sounding too big-headed, it would appear that we have succeeded in our mission if the thousands of reviews we receive almost daily are anything to go by. We love receiving so much positive feedback, as it proves to us time and time again that the effort we have put into the design has been well worth it. Susan, one of our customers, left us the following review “Brillant product, I’m genuinely impressed with how much time I’m saving. I have a holiday cottage and iron a lot of sheets and duvet covers. The large board makes the job so much easier.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our ironing boards or have questions you would like answered before buying, please contact us today via the website or by calling us on 0800 058 4336.

Ironing boards might not be at the top of many people’s shopping list, but we are confident that once you become our customer, no other brand of ironing board will ever be good enough.