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The History and Evolution of The Ironing Board

Who Invented The Ironing Board?

The Boardmann Ironing Board

The humble ironing board is a piece of equipment that most of us use nearly every day, and yet we probably never give it any thought. To Boardmann, we are focused to the point of obsession with delivering the best possible ironing board to our customers, which is why we have paid so much attention to the evolution of the board.

We believe that we have played a valuable part in the evolution of the ironing board by developing and implementing our own unique ideas, which eventually led to the production of our extra wide ironing board, the board which we believe is the best ironing board on the market today. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the history and evolution of the ironing board to which, in a small way, we owe part of our company’s success.

Who Invented The Ironing Board?

As with any popular transformational invention, there is always some discussion and dispute as to who can claim the credit for the ironing board, but the consensus of opinion is that this honour should go to a lady by the name of Sarah Boone. Boone’s success was built upon the implementation of a contoured shape with a significantly larger curved surface, which was substantially different from anything that had gone before. Another industry-changing feature was the idea of foldable legs. Can you imagine any ironing board without this particular feature today? She applied for a patent on December 30th 1887, and this patent was eventually granted on April 26th 1892, so it wasn’t exactly a quick process. Another interesting and little-known fact was that Boone was one of the first-ever African Americans believed to have been granted a patent.

The Function of The Design

The thinking and, indeed, the success behind the design was that any item that needed to be ironed could be ironed much more quickly and efficiently; before Boone’s invention, virtually every item of clothing had to be removed numerous times to allow each section of the item to be ironed. This not only made the job more tedious and slow, but it also increased the risk that the item would get dirty by trailing on the floor when the focus was on the specific section being ironed.

At Boardmann, we have taken this concept even further, which is why we designed and developed our extra-wide ironing board, which has been proven to reduce overall ironing time by 50 per cent. Essentially, you can place much more of your clothing on the board, meaning less movement, less change and less hassle. We then complemented this extra space with our unique and convenient shape at the end of the board. This was designed specifically for the purpose of ironing shirts, fitting them perfectly, and helping you to deliver the perfect result time after time.

Although the ironing board design hasn’t changed dramatically in the last 150 years, we firmly believe that we have moved things forward rapidly in the last ten or so years. Let’s examine in greater detail some of the many innovations we have implemented and added to our extra wide ironing boards, the concept behind each design decision, and, as a consequence, what we believe is responsible for our rapidly increased market share.

A Double Layer of Foam

The surface of your ironing board is essentially the foundation upon which every piece of clothing you iron depends. One of the secrets to delivering the perfect ironing surface is to utilise a material which stretches your clothes. This then helps to pull the creases out of your shirts and deliver a quick, smooth result. Our research has shown that by installing a double layer of high-quality foam delivers unbeatable results time after time, which is why all of our extra wide ironing boards feature this benefit as standard.

Mesh Back

Everybody knows the power of steam when eradicating creases in your clothing, but many people don’t quite comprehend the best way to utilise that steam power. The secret is in forcing the steam through your clothes, and to do that effectively and efficiently requires a mesh back ironing board. The reason for this is that the mesh enables the steam to smoothly pass through your clothing and subsequently escape rather than the alternative of the steam being trapped between your clothing and a piece of solid metal.

Non Slip Cover

Our ironing boards come complete with a high-quality, non-slip cover, ensuring that your clothes stay where you want them while ironing rather than slipping off the ironing board and onto the floor. Although this might seem like a relatively small factor, when combined with all of the other features of our ironing boards, it delivers results that are better than the sum of the individual components.

Quality Materials

Although our extra wide ironing boards are not perhaps the cheapest on the market, we are confident that they are the best. This is partly due to our design and innovation and the high-quality materials we use in the manufacturing process. We are confident in the products we manufacture; we offer a free three-year guarantee. Although it is highly unlikely that you will ever suffer from a manufacturing issue, you can buy from us with confidence, knowing that we stand fully behind our products.

Hang Rail Steam Iron Rest

There is no point in having an extra wide ironing surface if you then curtail the length of it by not providing any space to place your iron when not using the iron itself. That is why we have added a Hang Rail Steam Iron Rest, which is big enough to support even the larger commercial-style steam irons which have become so popular in recent years.

As you can see, the simple ironing board has developed significantly over the last few years, driven in no small part by the experts at Boardmann. If you want a quality ironing board that will slash your ironing time in half and last you for many years, then there is only one choice on the market today: The Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board. Order yours today and save yourself many hours of ironing; it could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

The History and Evolution of The Ironing Board