The Large Ironing Board, designed to save you time

Our unique extra wide ironing board design means you can iron
more fabric in each pass saving you time and effort!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Large Ironing Board for Your Home

Large Ironing Board

The Perfect Large Ironing Board

Writing about ironing boards, it could be argued is a tough gig, but three driving factors motivate me on a daily basis. Firstly I believe wholeheartedly in the product, in this case, the Boardmann Extra Wide Ironing Board. This is a product that I have grown to love, a product that delivers huge benefits to me and my family on a daily basis and which gives us extra time to spend together, but more on that later.

The second benefit of writing this type of content is that you know people are going to read your work. Whilst it is fair to say that an article about ironing boards is never going to break any best seller records, the people who read this article are genuinely looking for a new ironing board and are conducting their due diligence. This in turn means that I have an active and indeed intelligent audience, which is more than can be said for many people who create content for online consumption.

But perhaps the best part of this job is the ability and indeed platform it provides to educate people on the many benefits of this particular product, and strange as it might seem for an ironing board the significant daily benefits of can and does deliver. So without any further delay, let’s examine the key benefits of owning and using a large ironing board.

The Key Benefits of Large Ironing Boards

There are several reasons why large ironing boards have become an increasingly larger sector of the market and the reality is that if anything the market for large ironing boards is only likely to increase.

Slash Your Ironing Time in Half

The market leader in large ironing boards is the Boardmann XL and perhaps the biggest benefit of this board is that it can cut your ironing time in half. This is essentially simple physics because the board is extra wide and a larger percentage of whatever item you are ironing is laid out on the board at any one time. This means that the ironing process requires less stopping and relocating of your garments, whilst still delivering an outstanding result. Consider how much time you spend ironing every year and cut that in half, a Boardmann XL could potentially be one of the best time investments you have ever made.

Solid Stable and Built From The Finest Materials

Although it might be a strange thing to say, many people forget when choosing an ironing board that they will be putting weight on it and perhaps more importantly an extremely hot iron. When dealing with a hot iron, you want to know without any shadow of a doubt that the ironing board is stable, and will not buckle or collapse at a moment’s notice. When you invest in a Boardmann XL you are getting an ironing board that is built to last. Using only the finest materials you can iron for many years safe in the knowledge that there is minimal risk that the ironing board will collapse. In fact such is our confidence in this product that we offer a free no quibble 3 year guarantee.

What Are The Main Features to Look For When Purchasing A New Ironing Board?

If you are in the market for a new ironing board, and let’s face it you wouldn’t be reading this page otherwise, then in our opinion, there are a number of features you should be focused on. In fact, following our extensive research and development, we have incorporated all of these suggestions in our Boardmann XL ironing board.

1. Extra Wide – Invest in an ironing board with as wide an ironing surface as possible. The Boardmann XL features an ironing surface of 51x121cm, which is one of the largest available on the market.

2. A Double Layer of Foam on The Ironing Surface – The Ironing Surface of your ironing board is where the magic happens. In some of the more inexpensive models, the foam covering will be very thin. Alternatively, the Boardmann XL has a double layer of high-quality thick foam which is designed to improve your ironing and help creases simply drop out as your iron, delivering perfect results and saving you both time and frustration.

3. Mesh Back Specially Designed For Steam Irons – Most people are aware that a powerful steam iron is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal when it comes to eliminating creases in your clothing. But what some people don’t realise is that the secret is to force the steam through your clothing whilst at the same time enabling it to pass through the board. That is why the Boardmann XL ironing board has a mesh back which encourages the flow of steam out of your clothes and away from the board, preventing dampness from accruing and causing issues such as staining with your newly laundered clothes.

4. Non Slip Feet – Whilst the structure and manufacture of the board are second to none, another important feature often overlooked is the grip and stability of your ironing board, which is why the Boardmann XL is fitted with Non-Slip Feet which grip onto your floor ensuring that your board will not move anywhere, unless you want it to.

Where to Buy Online

Hopefully, you are now a lot more fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise of what to look for when purchasing an ironing board. If you have made the sensible decision and wish to invest in a Boardmann XL ironing board.

There are several online retailers where you can order. The best store to purchase from is the manufacturer’s site. Alternatively, you can purchase a Boardmann XL from a wide variety of stores including Argos, Costco, and Wayfair.

Either way, we are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase and like the millions of other families which did us the honour of purchasing our products, we are confident that you will become a customer for life, because simply put no other ironing board can compete, in our opinion.